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We are located in the Mannsdale-Livingston heritage preservation district.  Pioneer families first settled this area around 1850 and established lavish plantations and sacred places of worship.  The Chapel of the Cross Church was built in 1848 and is a vivid landmark of those times.  The communities of Mannsdale and Livingston were marked by the Mannsdale Mercantile store, the Mannsdale gin, the original China Grove Church, and Glenarchy Academy (a one-room schoolhouse).   Nearby plantations included the Mann Plantation, Annandale Plantation, Ingleside Plantation, Bennett Plantation, and other numerous homesteads. Livingston was actually the first town in Madison County in 1824 and served as the first county seat of Madison County. Our goals as part of this district along with the Township of Livingston are to help promote, preserve, and enrich its historical significance.

Mannsdale Animal Clinic is located at the corner of Stribling and Mannsdale Road (Highway 463).  The exterior of the building was designed to maintain the character of its historic period.  We made every effort to protect our surrounding vegetation and flow with the land.  An old roadbed running through the land was repurposed and is still a daily reminder of previous times. On the inside, things change a bit.   Structurally we are a modern building using eco-friendly foam insulation, high efficiency air units, and low wattage lighting systems.  Interior design is a fusion between industrial and modern themes.  Exposed ductwork, tall open rooms, custom retro metal décor, pipe lighting, and modern amenities is what we are all about. 

Mannsdale Animal Clinic is a small animal exclusive veterinary clinic.  At “The MAC” We are focused on providing the best medicine for our patients while also providing a premium experience tailored to our clients needs.

Mannsdale Animal Clinic
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