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On the pet’s end, we have things covered…. That is what we are trained to do! 

Our staff is loving, kind, and compassionate. 

We have a small animal exam room for pets less than 30 pounds and two exam rooms for pets over 30 pounds.  Each exam room has its own waiting room with a TV, where you can relax while we are getting things ready. All pets receive a thorough physical exam by your nurse and doctor along with an individualized treatment plan.  If you are getting vaccinations we want to make sure your pet gets only what they need, so we ask the owners to fill out a risk assessment sheet at each yearly visit. This helps determine the appropriate vaccinations based on your pets environmental conditions. With this information we can make sure to not only protect your pets but also your family.  Clients are then checked out in the room and can exit through the side door. If your pet becomes ill, we have the capability to perform most all diagnostics in-house.  Lab results are typically less than 15 minutes and digital x-ray in as little as 5 minutes. 

Our surgical/dental suite uses only modern technology.  Every surgical patient has the doctor and a certified veterinary technician present.  We keep safety in mind at all times from the medications we use to anesthetize them until hours after they are awake.  Oxygen sats/carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure, ecg, and vitals are constantly monitored.  Our recovery and ICU cages even have heated bottoms to minimize heat loss and speed recovery times.

In-house Lab results

Digital X-ray

Large dog exam room

Small animal exam room

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