If you are here for Boarding at The MAC, our attention to detail does not change.  Our boarding is clean, spacious, and inviting.  We work to minimize pet stress by using calming pheromone diffusers, aromatherapy oils, playing soothing music throughout the kennels, and Dog TV.  We offer condos for the smaller ones, townhouses for the larger, and suites for the family of pets.  All pets are walked 5 times daily (7 days a week) and have social time daily with like-sized dogs if the owners consent. We work to make sure that your pet and their environment stays clean and comfortable at all times. Feline patients can relax in their own separate room (isolated from the dogs) in deluxe cat condos.  Each condo has a living area, hiding area, and separate litter box area. They can be used individually or connected together with other family members for one large play area.  Make sure to click on the individual links near the top of the page for photos and descriptions of the canine and feline boarding.

We also have a Play Day program for those who are away from the house

for extended hours or whose pets may suffer from separation anxiety.

Please come by anytime for a tour of our clinic and boarding facility!  

                                        No appointment neccessary!              

Pet Boarding in Madison, MS

Our kennels smell nice and clean. We use adaptil calming diffusers and aromatherapy oils...we  also play soothing music for their comfort....

Our accommodations are extremly spacious...

We walk 5 times daily... everyday...

We focus on making your pets stay

and your time away as comfortable as possible.

​​​​mannsdale animal clinic

Most importantly, we are also a veterinary clinic and your pet is under the care of a veterinarian and trained staff even though they are just with us for boarding.  

All patients that board 3 or more days will receive a free bath!  

Those patients in extended boarding will enjoy every 8th night free!

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our cat accomodations

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Dog Accomodations

Pets have group socialization daily...

We send pictures of your pet to you daily.....

We play Dog TV everyday throughout the kennels...

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