​​​​mannsdale animal clinic

Sunday Carpool Pick up/Drop off

 No getting out of the car..... 

  We come to you! 


In-home Euthanasia....

We know it's not easy....

We want you and your pet to be as comfortable as possible during this difficult time. We are here for you!

Our ultimate vision at Mannsdale Animal Clinic is to cater to our clients as much as we do your pets.  You will not find a phone at the front desk.  Our front staff is there to help you! When you become a new client we want to know basic information about your lifestyle.  We need to know is this person extremely pressed for time and needs a phone call, would they like to talk some things over in person, or if they want to know anything possible about their pet and what we can do to help. We need to know if they need assistance with their pets to and from their vehicle.  We want to know whether you would like a specialty coffee, cold / hot tea, or a water.  What would make your veterinary experience more pleasant? This information is then stored and future visits are tailored to their needs.

Pet Owners in Madison, MS

Did we mention Coffee??

            ... cappuccino, espresso, lattes,

                                 or hot tea?  TO GO?

Separate waiting areas

           ....much more comfortable

          ..... no one else's dogs

Dedicated up-front staff

        ..... no telephones at front desk

     ....you are here and you are our #1 priority

Mannsdale Animal Clinic
488 Mannsdale RoadMadison, MS39110US
Phone: 601-499-5200 Website: http://www.mannsdaleanimalclinic.com