It is our main priority to provide your pet with a safe and healthy environment. We want to remind everyone that pets must be 16 weeks old and older, up to date on all vaccinations, have a yearly negative parasite screening and be examined by a veterinarian within one year to attend Doggy Daycare. Due to limited availability, please call ahead to make a reservation .


Doggy Daycare at The MAC promotes healthy social interactions and provides diverse physical exercise opportunities for your pet.

We have equipment such as ramps, tunnels, and bridges for physical and mental stimulation. Our Doggy Daycare helps dogs with separation anxiety, helps prevent destruction of household items, improves dogs with social phobias, and helps high energy pets to be more relaxed in the afternoon.

Doggy Day Campers can be dropped off and picked up anytime between our business hours Monday - Friday!

Want to host your pets' Birthday Pawty at The MAC?

Call /Text us at 601-499-5200! 

To participate in our Doggy Daycare program, pets must be able to play with others without showing sign of aggression. All new campers must pass a temperament evalution in order to play. For the pets who can't play, we offer a Dayboarding service.

Call ahead to make your Doggy Day Care reservation.


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While you are away, let us make sure your babies are getting their daily exercise while having the BEST time with all of their furry friends at The MAC! Our Doggy Day Care service is offered to all of our boarders year-round (even on weekend and holidays)! While your pet is here boarding with us, they have the option to participate in Doggy Day Camp! You will receive personalized photos and videos of your baby playing with their friends DAILY! 

With new campers coming daily, your pet will get lots of socialization time with a variety of ages and breeds! With water activities, toys to play with, fetch with our camp counselors, monthly pawgress reports and so much more... your baby will be begging to come back to The MAC! 

​​Doggy Daycare at The MAC

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