Our Feline Suites are a 4 X 6 Cat Room with a glass door so they can see their surroundings.

In each of our cat suites there is a tree for climbing, toys for playing, and of course, areas high and low for taking cat naps. 

Feline Suites

  • A "safe zone" for when they feel the need for seclusion
  • A litter box area
  • And living quarters


The center unit is a play area to give them a little extra room to move around at times during their stay.

We have two options for our feline Boarding... Cat Condos and Cat Suites.

Cats board in their own seperate room.  There is a glass door to look out, but it keeps them seperated from the dog room.  We also play light music to help calm the cats and reduce noise carryover from the dogs.   

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For more tips make visit the humane society of America:


Tips for Boarding...

There are several things you can do for your cats prior to boarding to decrease their stress associated with traveling.

  • Feed them in the kennel they will be transported in for a few days
  • Let them sleep or play in the kennel if they desire
  • Place a towel from home over the kennel when you come into the clinic.
  • Make sure the transport kennel is large enough for them to be able to stand up, stretch, and turn around in.
  • Try using a pheromone spray like comfort zone with feliway sprayed inside the kennel or on the towel.

We do recommend bringing your pets food to help decrease any GI discomfort from diet changes.  If not, we do feed science diet sensitive stomach.

If your cat is really stressed about travel or boarding, we recommend giving one of the doctors a call and discuss medications that can be used before, during, and/or after boarding to help.

Each condo is designed with your cats comfort in mind and has 3 zones.

We proudly use comfort zone diffusers with feliway to minimize boarding stress.

The Cat Condos can be used seperately or if a family of cats are boarding they can be opened to 2 units, 3 units... or the entire system.

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