Boarding at The MAC

The Suites

           36 square feet (6X6)

           Approx 315 pound capacity

Our Suites are the most luxurious.

They are in a room of 4 seperate 

suites...each one containing their

own Dog TV, Kuranda Bed, and 

Fleece Blanket.

 The Townhouses 

   24 square feet (4X6)

    Approx 175 pound capacity

The Townhouses are a bit more private. They are in a room of six separate townhouses.... each one containing their very own Dog TV, Kuranda Bed, and Fleece Blanket. 


Did we mention that we walk dogs 5 times a day....

                                                                         Even on weekends & holidays.....

  The Condos

         12 square feet (4X3)

 Approx 80 pound capacity

The Condos are in a room 

with other pets with their

Dog TV across from them. 

Each Condo has their own 

Kuranda Bed and Fleece Blanket

​​​​mannsdale animal clinic



Did we mention we have carpool pick-up on Sundays?

-Playtime daily if your pet likes to socialize...

-Bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning with 3 days of stay or more...

-Daily medications that need to be given...

-Pictures/videos of your pet sent to your phone via text daily...

-Dog TV's provided for EVERY kennel...

-Concierge services daily for in clinic boarders/patients...

-Soothing music is played throughout the kennel...

                                                                                                      All of this......  No extra charge.....

Mannsdale Animal Clinic
488 Mannsdale RoadMadison, MS39110US
Phone: 601-499-5200 Website: